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Where the Wild Things Are


“Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak is a classic children’s picture book that tells the story of Max, a young boy who wears a wolf suit and acts out in mischief. After being sent to his room without supper as punishment, Max’s imagination takes flight as he journeys to a land of wild creatures.

In this fantastical realm, Max encounters the Wild Things, strange and monstrous beings who crown him as their king. Max revels in his newfound authority, leading the Wild Things in wild rumpus and mischief. However, he eventually begins to feel homesick and longs to return to the comfort and security of his own home.

Max bids farewell to the Wild Things and sails back to his bedroom, where he finds his supper waiting for him—a warm meal, symbolizing the love and care of his family. Through its evocative storytelling and striking illustrations, “Where the Wild Things Are” explores themes of imagination, childhood rebellion, and the comfort of home. It has captured the hearts of readers for generations with its imaginative world and timeless message of belonging and love.

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