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TRUST - Hernan Diaz

Hernan Diaz’s Trust isn’t a straightforward story. It’s a puzzle about a wealthy couple, the Rasks (or perhaps the Bevels?), told through four fictional books with conflicting narratives:

  • Biographer’s Perspective: A traditional biography paints Andrew Bevel as a ruthless financial genius who mysteriously amassed wealth during the 1929 crash. His wife, Mildred, fades into the background as a socialite.
  • Unfinished Autobiography: This account, supposedly by Andrew Bevel himself, portrays a more humanized figure struggling with his past and his relationship with the intelligent and opinionated Mildred.
  • Secretary’s Memoir: From a different angle, the memoir of Bevel’s secretary, Ida Partnow, reveals a manipulative and controlling Andrew, with Mildred as a victim trapped in a loveless marriage.
  • Granddaughter’s Journal: The final piece comes from Peggy Lebensold, Andrew’s granddaughter. Her fragmented journal entries hint at a hidden past and a complex family dynamic.

Through these contrasting viewpoints, the truth about the Rasks/Bevels becomes elusive. Was Andrew a financial mastermind or a lucky gambler? Was Mildred a pampered wife or a prisoner in a gilded cage? The reader is left to decide, questioning the nature of truth, memory, and the power dynamics within relationships, especially when money is involved.

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