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The Wonderful Things You Will Be


“The Wonderful Things You Will Be” is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin. It celebrates the unique qualities and potential of every child as they grow and develop.

Through whimsical illustrations and lyrical prose, the book explores the various possibilities and traits that children may possess as they navigate the world. It encourages children to embrace their individuality, creativity, kindness, and curiosity, while also emphasizing the importance of love and acceptance from their caregivers.

Each page depicts different scenarios and aspirations, from being brave explorers to kind friends, from imaginative artists to caring caretakers of the world around them. The book reassures children that no matter what path they choose or what challenges they face, they are cherished and supported.

Overall, “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” is a heartwarming celebration of childhood and the limitless potential that each child carries within them. It has resonated with both children and adults alike for its uplifting message and enchanting illustrations.

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