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The Winners

THE WINNERS - Fredrik Backman PDF

The Winners, the final book in Fredrik Backman’s Beartown trilogy, picks up two years after the devastating events of the previous book. The small Swedish town of Beartown is still grappling with the aftermath of a sexual assault scandal that rocked their hockey team and community.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • A Storm Rekindles Old Rivalries: A ferocious storm tears through Beartown and neighboring Hed, reigniting the long-standing rivalry between the two towns, which is often played out on the ice hockey rink.
  • Characters Return and Rebuild: Maya Andersson and Benji Ovich, young people who left Beartown for a better life, return home. Their return brings a sense of optimism, especially with the construction of a new ice rink.
  • Hockey: Savior and Destroyer: The novel explores the complex role of hockey in Beartown. While it offers hope and a path out for some, it can also fuel destructive obsessions and tear people apart.
  • Beyond the Game: The story goes beyond the hockey rink, focusing on the lives of various characters as they try to heal, move forward, and find their place in the world.
  • A New Kind of Winning: Tragedy strikes, forcing the towns of Beartown and Hed to come together. This shared experience offers a chance for healing and a new definition of winning, one that transcends competition and focuses on unity and compassion.
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