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The Southern Lawyer


“The Southern Lawyer” is a legal thriller written by Mark Gimenez. The story revolves around A. Scott Fenney, a successful lawyer in Texas who seems to have it all – wealth, prestige, and a loving family. However, Fenney’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned to defend a wealthy businessman accused of a brutal crime.

As Fenney delves into the case, he soon discovers that there is more to it than meets the eye. He uncovers a web of corruption and deceit that reaches into the highest echelons of power, putting his own life and the lives of those he loves in danger. Determined to seek justice, Fenney must navigate the treacherous waters of the legal system while confronting his own moral dilemmas.

Set against the backdrop of the American South, “The Southern Lawyer” is a gripping tale of suspense, betrayal, and redemption. With its fast-paced plot, compelling characters, and courtroom drama, the novel offers readers an immersive glimpse into the world of criminal law and the complexities of the human spirit.

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