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The Never King

THE NEVER KING - Nikki St. Crowe

“The Never King” by Nikki St. Crowe is a fantasy novel that follows the journey of Lirak, a former soldier turned reluctant hero, as he navigates a treacherous world filled with political intrigue, magic, and ancient prophecies. Set in the kingdom of Benarth, the story unfolds against the backdrop of a brutal war and a power struggle for the throne.

When the rightful heir to the throne, King Jehryn, is believed to have perished in battle, chaos ensues as rival factions vie for control of the kingdom. Amidst the turmoil, Lirak finds himself drawn into a quest to uncover the truth behind King Jehryn’s fate and restore order to Benarth. Along the way, he forms unlikely alliances, confronts dangerous enemies, and grapples with his own inner demons.

As Lirak delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Never King, a legendary figure said to possess the power to shape destiny itself, he discovers dark secrets that threaten to unravel the fabric of reality. With the fate of Benarth hanging in the balance, Lirak must confront his own destiny and make difficult choices that will determine the future of the kingdom.

“The Never King” is a gripping tale of adventure, betrayal, and redemption, filled with richly drawn characters and immersive world-building. St. Crowe weaves together elements of epic fantasy and political drama to create a compelling narrative that will captivate readers until the very end.

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