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Ruthless Vows

RUTHLESS VOWS - Rebecca Ross

Ruthless Vows, the sequel to Divine Rivals, picks up where the first book left off, diving deeper into the war between the gods and the personal struggles of Iris and Roman.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Picking Up the Pieces: Two weeks after a devastating battle, Iris grapples with heartbreak over Roman’s disappearance. The city of Oath remains shrouded in ignorance about the true nature of the war.
  • A Mysterious Message: A surprise letter arrives for Roman, sparking intrigue and suspicion. This anonymous correspondence sets him on a path of questioning his loyalties, particularly towards the god who healed him, Dacre.
  • Tough Choices: As Iris and Roman face their own challenges, they must make difficult decisions that could jeopardize everything they hold dear.
  • Romance Amidst War: Their love story continues to develop, but this time amidst the dangers and uncertainties of the ongoing conflict.
  • Internal Conflict: The story explores Roman’s internal struggle as he wrestles between his loyalty to Dacre and the growing doubts about the god’s true intentions.

Ruthless Vows focuses on:

  • The continuation of the war between gods
  • Iris’s search for Roman and her determination to end the war
  • Roman’s internal conflict and his burgeoning connection with the mysterious pen pal
  • The deepening romance between Iris and Roman despite the hardships
  • The growing cast of characters, including Attie and Tobias, who offer their own subplot with a blossoming romance

This summary avoids spoilers for the ending, but highlights the key aspects of the plot and the emotional journey of the characters.

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