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Are You My Mother ?


“Are You My Mother?” is a heartwarming children’s book written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman, first published in 1960. The story follows a young bird who hatches while his mother is away from the nest. Confused and alone, the bird embarks on a quest to find his mother.

As the young bird sets out on his journey, he encounters various animals and objects, asking each one, “Are you my mother?” He approaches a kitten, a hen, a dog, a cow, and even a steam shovel, hoping to find his mother among them. However, each time he asks, he receives a negative response.

Undeterred, the bird continues his search until he comes across a large and imposing machine—a steam shovel. The machine takes pity on the bird and agrees to help him find his mother. Together, they search high and low until they finally locate the bird’s real mother.

In the end, the bird is joyfully reunited with his mother, and they share a loving embrace. The story teaches valuable lessons about love, family, and the importance of perseverance. Through its simple yet engaging narrative and charming illustrations, “Are You My Mother?” has captivated generations of young readers and remains a beloved classic in children’s literature.

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